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SupportLivre épuisé chez l'éditeur: en stock/ Book sold out in the Publisher- in stock

Marque / MakeBugatti
Modèle / Model57S
Titre / TitleBUGATTI 57S: Evolution - Prototypes - Racing Cars
DescriptionExemplaire dédicacé. Printed on 150 g/sqm art paper, pictures in satin print, sewing binding, linen tissue cover with relief printing. more than 400 pictures, among them 238 old period pictures, 137 of them unpublished, full page professional colour pictures, done by Martyn Goodard, Rune Baashus, Günther Krause, Winston Goodfellow, Michel Zumbrunn and H. D. Seufert, reproductions of unpublished works drawings and works documents and a set of reproductions of paintings by Paul Bouvot.
The book is based on the research of nearly two decades, including the works documents which have been available and reports of present owners and pre-owners. The book has been written in two parts, a reading part with all the discussions about the precursors of the Bugatti 57S type, the prototypes, works cars and racing cars and a register part with the history of all single production cars, including period pictures and recent pictures. In the annex there is a large data-sheets about all cars.
The standard edition is limited to a 1000 unnumbered copies.
Prix / Price 300 €
Etat / ConditionEN (etat neuf)
En Stock / In Stock1 exemplaire
Année de parution / Date of Publication2003
Auteur / AuthorBernhard Simon et Julius Kruta
Editeur / EditorMonsenstein & Vannerdat
Langue / LanguageAnglais
Pays / Country
Couverture / CoverCartonnée avec jaquette
Notre avis / Our Opinion
Nombre de Pages / Pages304
Hauteur / Height24 cm
Largeur / Width29,5cm
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